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Start your Business in Beauty Industry

A sea level change can be seen in the beauty industry. Earlier, there were just local beauticians with their non-branded and small parlours catering to the ‘looking-beautiful’ need of clients. But today, the scenario is completely different. Now a no. of branded salons are present in every city whether it’s small or big, fulfilling the growing needs of consumers to look more beautiful and younger.

beauty products

You can sell products online, at home parties, or open up your own storefront or if you travel daily, you can good prospects there. (Like I see the ladies in the local trains selling Oriflame and Avon products having generated prospects for so long). There are numerous opportunities available depending on your needs and goals which includes ownership of beauty products as a distributor/ sales executive/ buying your own franchise.

Latest beauty trends are giving beauteous earnings

The flourishing profile of beauty industry in India is observing new trends everyday and brands are offering a wide range of grooming methods to their consumers. The modern trends which offer opportunities include ayurvedic treatments, hair care, skin care, make-up, nail art, hair implantation, massage parlours etc.

Businesses to consider:

The herbal world

Over the years Ayurveda has appeared as a ‘most-popular’ technique for beautifying. Shahnaz Husain Herbal has a big network of over 400 franchise & associated clinics in India and outside. People rely getting services in Beauty Therapy, Dhara, Panchkarma and Kerala Massage etc. After all, going herbal comes with ‘not-harmful’ tag. A large no. of companies are searching independent distributors for their herbal products – Good offer for potential beauty products distributors and sales reps too.

Skin care

There are many brands creating a successful business opportunity in skin care and anti-aging products in India. By 2018, the industry estimates that global demand for natural and organic skincare will reach $13.2 billion. Wherever you live in the world, people are desperate to buy skincare products. An advantage to becoming a part of skin care product business organization is that you become your own boss and can begin easily with minimum start up costs. Distributorship of skin care products is a proven opportunity. Although, the beauty products franchise are generating grand gains too.

Nail art

Professional nail art salons have been prospering in Indian beauty market. Feminines love to pamper their nails with various types of nail services. The demand has increased and attracting every women, whether housewives, students or working women. The key players in the domain are like nail spa and scratch nails etc.

The list doesn’t end here…. There is lot more to go like beauty equipment, salon and spa business, cosmetics etc.


  • If you are in the beauty business, you need to market your business, attend trade shows & hand out business cards to potential allies such as new businesses which sell products that complement your business.
  • Promote your business on social networking sites.
  • Send free samples of your products to websites which review beauty products.
  • Make good relations with your customers. Thank your customers, no matter how small their purchases/ services are.

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