Superior Grade PET Jars, Bottles And Other Allied Products


One of the most common and perhaps essential items used by people today are the PET jars and bottles. Almost every domestic household and commercial facility uses them in some form or the other. Pet jars and allied products are a necessity for our lives, with these being used to store various products that range from raw food items to even memorabilia. These have universally replaced jars that were made from metals owing to better usability and monetary benefits. Moreover, PET jars and allied products are also used by people during their journeys. These are deemed ideal for use in journeys because of taking up very less space and also being light in weight. Going forward, it would be safe to assume that the usage of these products is only going to increase further.

Himalaya Thermoplast is an organization that is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of PET jars, bottles and other related accessories. The organization was established in the year 2009 and since then has been rapidly expanding across various markets, with it’s products being acclaimed everywhere. The organization puts utmost emphasis on always maintaining optimal product quality and gives the requisite focus to consistently improving upon its product range.

Attributes of PET jars
– These are scratch and breakage resistant
– PET jars and allied products are also resistant to tarnishing and their luster doesn’t fade away for a long time
– These are air tight, enabling the storage of perishable food items
– These have a high strength to weight ratio
– These have a long service life and require minimal maintenance

Himalaya Thermoplast requires distributors

The essential requirements for becoming distributor are,
– Sufficient space available to keep stock of products
– An initial investment of INR 50,000-2 lakhs
– Some prior experience would be preferable

Distributors can look forward to long term benefits such as becoming an established name in the PET jars segment, becoming a brand unto themselves with a high recall value etc.

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