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Tea Trade Exhibiting Sustainable Level of Growth

Life without tea is unthinkable for the millions of us. It’s the most consumed beverage after water, is a business that bucking the trend. Every sip of tea you drink helps better the lives of those who produce it and contributes to a brewing global industry, says a report from some of sector’s top players.


Demand Drivers of Tea Industry

  • Value added variants of tea like ginger, lemon, elaichee etc. This will add up a new arena into tea industry.
  • Consumers are now better aware of the health benefits of flavoured and green tea.
  • With rising demand from consumers, tea exports are likely to increase.

Also, the tea industry is expected to earn highest revenues by 2030 & be the ‘hero crop’ as per the industry leaders.

India is one of the leading producers of tea in the world- 23 % in 2013. The tea produced in India is finest owing to continuous innovation, strong geographical indications, large investments in tea processing units, improved product mix and planned market expansion. The top growing regions lie in North East India, including Assam, Darjeeling and the Dooars area of North Bengal, and in the Nilgiris in South India.

The tea industry is one of the oldest organized industries in India with a large network of tea distributors, producers, retailers, exporters, auctioneers and packers.

Few Facts About Indian Tea Industry

Market Segmentation

In India, tea is consumed in two forms: packaged (branded) or loose. While a major share of the market is of loose tea suppliers, branded tea manufacturers are also fast increasing their market share. The share of CTC (Cut, Twist & Curl) tea constitutes 80% of the whole tea market followed by Orthodox & Darjeeling Tea. The variety of flavoured teas such as green tea, jasmine tea, ginseng oolong, masala chai, green lemon tea etc. are capturing the huge share also.

CTC tea is the key contributor in the tea market segment but with the increasing consciousness regarding health issues, green tea sales are picking up.

Major Tea Brands in India

  • Brooke Bond Red Label Tea
  • Tata Tea
  • Lipton Tea
  • Chandypore Tea Estate
  • Wagh Bakhri Tea Group
  • Jaimini Enterprises (Limtex)
Tea Industry


Take a Sip of Tea Distributorship Opportunity
Tea shops are opening up in every small city from coast to coast and even every coffee shop is now selling chai too. Try to identify a niche in the same business that is currently under-served. Distributors stock large inventories to supply to big retail vendors such as hotels, grocery stores, and restaurant chains.

Chandypore Tea Estate and Jaimini Enterprises are the emerging names seeking distribution partners for their tea in India with us. If you are interested, browse their company profiles or call : +91-11- 4671 0506.


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  1. shashi ranjan says:

    Very Help full to grow your business in natural business

  2. Aaliyah says:

    Tea business is a forever shining business..Kindly tell me how would you help us. My brother wants to become distributor for tea or coffee.

    • GetDistributor Author says:

      Dear Aaliyah

      We can help you to become distributor for tea and coffee. We have shared your email id with our concern team, also share your phone number so that our concern team can contact you.

  3. Rakesh Thakur says:

    How much Investment required

    • GetDistributors Editor says:

      Dear Rakesh Thakur

      The investment range varies from company to company. It starts from Rs. 50,000 to 10 Lacs. For known brands like “Chandypore Tea Estate”, “Jaimini Enterprises” etc. the investment range will be between 3-5 Lacs. For more information you may call us at: +91-11-46710506

  4. Mr. Baskar D. says:

    I want to be a distributor of Tea product with good margin.

    Please suggest me best option/company…..


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