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The Recipe of Profits: Food & Beverage Distributorship



According to a research conducted by by FICCI-CIFTI 51% of the consumer wallet share is dedicated to food. This report shows the growing eating-out concept among people. Tremendous changes have been noticed in the food habits during the last few years. It can be attributed to a no. of factors like changing lifestyles, disposable incomes, comfort of eating in branded outlets, increased consciousness among Indians regarding the quality, shortage of time to cook at home.

Food and beverage industry is on boom and investing in the same equals to multiplying your business growth. It is indeed a delicious business offer to join in. This industry covers wide variety of options like FMCG distributorship, distributorship in Organic Food, Frozen & Processed Food, Noodles, Sweets & Namkeen and lots more. To spread this business there is a huge demand for food products distributors.

Reasons to join food and beverage sector are listed below:

RecessFood Distributorsion-Proof Business
Food and beverage distributor rarely has to worry in uncertain economic times. No any people stop eating even in the period of recession. Even if they cannot afford luxe products, they will still be able to eat out and that is what makes this business secure.


High Market Demand
With shortage of time to cook a tasty meal, more people are choosing to go out. They find spending the bucks outside is really worth the time they save, especially with all the jaw dropping fast food options and healthy alternatives which are springing up.

Availability of Numerous Options
Because of the availability of different food and beverage options this sector is continuing to thrive:

With the growth of Starbucks, CCD’s and other branded coffee chains, the crave for morning lattes keeps growing. Also the Juice bars offer an alternative to unhealthy snacks and foods by offering drinks which Fast Food Distributorsdoesn’t only taste good, but also are good for your health. If we talk about food industry, where Fast Food is most loved by people, Pizza is a matter of craze not only in youngistaan but person of every age-group. This is one of the most important reason behind the success of the food industry.

Read on? Plan your distribution career in this buttery business venture and earn lip smacking returns on investment. We will be here again soon with the procedure to become f&b distributor. Till then keep researching on the industry highlights. Its worth exploring.

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