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NanoPhos Brand to seek Distributors in India

Nilgiris International FZCO, a Dubai based company, commenced its business in the year 2008 with the brand name, NanoPhos. Known as the leaders of the market, we deal in water repelling products, thermal paints & additives, rust preventive coatings, self cleaning products and more. Nilgiris International FZCO has presence in over 35 countries around the world through its distribution network. The company has received notable awards around the world for their innovative products.


Nilgiris International FZCO SA applies ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001 Certificate), and the environmental management system 14001:2004 (ISO 14001 Certificate) for the production, development and sales of chemical products for protection and cleaning of surfaces and nanotechnology products.

Nilgiris International FZCO sets the following targets:

  • To provide high quality and reliable products
  • To be dedicated to quality and satisfy customer demands
  • To maintain and grow its market share
  • To retain and further enhance its successful partnerships with suppliers

What products do we have?

  • Water repelling products
  • Thermal paints & additives
  • Rust preventive coatings
  • Self cleaning products
  • Cleaning solutions

What are the unique selling points of our products?

  • Breathable coating
  • UV resistance
  • Longer life
  • Waterproof paints
  • Antimicrobial properties

Require Channel Partners :

Our team is planning to expand our business throughout India and by appointing one distributor in each state and sub-dealers in all cities under respective channel partners.

Our prospective channel partner or dealer will receive a technical training about our products and its application. Apart from that, we will help them in promoting the products in the local region among their contacts in the construction industry like consultants, builders, architects etc initially.

Nilgiris International Fzco

Benefits we are offering distributors/ stockists

  1. Margin upto 25%
  2. Worldwide network
  3. Less competition in Indian Market
  4. Help  in creating brand awareness
  5. Initial assistance by sales manager in knowing and developing market
  6. Liberty to appoint sub dealers in his respective territory and also other areas where our organization does not have any representative

Whom you can target?

Architects, Consultants and Real Estate companies which seem interested to use new technologies in the construction field.

What we require from our channel partner?

  1. Should be experienced
  2. He will be needed to import from us and do marketing and selling of products in the adjoining region
  3. Should have sound knowledge about the industry and have good contacts
  4. Have eagerness to establish themselves in this industry
  5. Minimum Rs. 10 lacs Investment required
  6. 1500 sq ft space required


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