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TMT Med Source- pole star of the distribution business of Orthopedic and rehabilitation aids


Orthopedics is defined as the branch of medicines focused on issues related to musculoskeletal system. It basically deals with treatment of physical incapability, sports injuries, joint dislocations, accidental fractures etc. using both surgical and non surgical means. Non -surgical means refer to the use of orthopedic products recommended by the doctors according to the injury. Often, the use of orthopedic products is suggested after surgery during recovery and rehabilitation.

Science and technology has made great advancement in the last few decades and this advancement could be largely noted in medical field. Orthopedic products are no different, the introduction of lighter and stronger alloys have helped to create new and better products. Use of Neoprene,PEEK, Silicon materials in the field of orthopedics has changed the scenario and their blend with the traditional products have enhanced their quality and made these more comfortable to carry.Today, companies like TMT Med Source are investing in R&D centers in order to make their products better and more economical at the same time. Previously the orthopedic aids were designed using cotton, foam, linen and metals like iron and steel, which made them bulky and hard to carry.Minimization in size, complexity in designs, use of advanced fabrics and lighter alloys are pushing the limits of these products.

TMT Med Source, the parent company of the popular brand “Alex” is a well-known organization indulged in manufacturing and supplying of orthopedic products. The organization is ISO 9001:2008 & ISO13485:2003 certified and its products are CE marked (European Standards) for their quality standards. It offers orthopedic aids under the following categories :

  • Cervical aid and splints aids- Spondylysis Collar, Soft Cervical Collar, Emergency Transport Collar, Postural Collar, Hard Collar, Post Postural Collar etc
  • Back and thoracic support aids- Lumbo Sarcral Support. Back Support Executive, Front line Back Support, Rib Belt, Hyper Extension Brace, Sternal Binder, Abdominal Binder With Perineal Support, Back Support , Back Support Executive etc
  • Shoulder arm and clavicle aids- Shoulder Immobalizer, Arm Sling Pouch, Arm Sling Strap, Clavicle Strap, Clavical Support, Humerous Support etc
  • Wrists, elbow & arm splints aids- Wrist and forearm spilint, Elbow brace, Row elbow brace, tennis elboy support, wrist strap and thumb support etc
  • Knee and leg support aids- elastic knee support, knee immobilizer, knee cap, Femur support, Tibial suport etc
  • Ankle and food splints aids- Ankle Foot Orthorisis, Cast Shoe, Anklet, Ankle Brace, Ankle Wrap etc.
  • Finger splints aids- Cot Splint, Frog Splint, Stax Mallet, Extension Splint, Flexion Splint, Finger Exerciser etc.
  • Neoprene products- Knee Support, Knee Cap Pull On, Ankle Wrap, Wrist Wrap, Elbow Support, Shoulder Support, Shoulder Immobilizer etc.
  • Traction kits- Leg Traction Kit, Skin Traction Kit, Cervical Traction With Head Halter, Weight Cuff etc.
  • Silicon products- Heal Cushion, Insole, Arch Pad, Metatarsal Pad, Toe Spreader etc.
  • Resusciation splints- Short arm splint, Full arm splint, short leg splint, Full leg splint, Stockinette etc.
  • Walking aids- Walking stick(monopod, tripod, quadropod), adjustable walker, static walker, axillary crutches, Elbow Crutches, Wheel chair etc.

TMT Med Source has a wide array of distributors and dealers in major cities of India and it is presently working with to spread its roots to the local markets as well. Distributors across the country are invited to join this reputed firm and enjoy its support and numerous other business benefits,like:

  • Exquisite ROI starting from 25%
  • On call support 24*7
  • Training and support in product handling and many more…

Innovation in the field of orthopedics has helped to create products for all age groups which are highly effective and comfortable for them. Products offered by TMT Med Source are better in quality & effectiveness and are highly economical, hence are preferred over other companies and widely demanded. So, to become a distributor of these products is a gain-gain opportunity for you. Shoulder TMT Med Sources in its business expansion and make huge business profits working with it.

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