Unleash Ingenious Opportunities in Education Toys, Books and Cd’s Business

"Oh Its Boring..its so tough.. Who bring this rocket science in this world?" This is the sad story of children for whom education is a ‘backbreaking’ thing. Keeping them in mind, the concept of educational CD’s, DVD’s, toys, books has started.

From tiny tots to working executives, house wives and even expectant mothers, this is the most effective way to learn at the comfort of your home. The various innovative content sources, these edutainment products includes are animated films, graphic novels, games, flash cards and hands-on kits which are a fusion of entertainment and education. To engage a student in the fascinating process of exploration, experience and extrapolation, these are so perfect.


Let’s discuss about the products and make learning easy with technology for tiny tots-

Language Learning Programmes- 3 months to 3 years
It teaches your child to read English, French and Chinese. It also enables your young ones to take early lessons of Maths and Music too.

Brain Development Activities- 5 months to 5 years
The period from 5 months gestation to 5 yrs of age presents a unique window of opportunity for learning. It also helps your child’s brain development with the time tested and scientifically proven methods.

Learning through Music- 3 months to 18 months
This is enjoyed by millions of babies worldwide. By listening to this special music, babies learn the most elementary characteristics of music: melody, harmony and rhythm. This results in an advantage in learning at later age.

e-Language- For all
It helps to learn to Speak English, French, Spanish and German with award-winning language learning software. 4 million people have benefited from this software. These products are designed by language expert to quickly teach a foreign language, based on a building-block and absolute Do-it-Yourself approach.

To Encourage Self Learning- 9 yrs to 15 yrs
It’s design to encourage self learning in children through active digital engagement. All topics are compiled into fascinating digital forms like films, animations, slide-show and mind-maps to make studies more effective and engaging.

Let’s read the positives and negatives of getting educated through these products-

Pros Cons
Makes one interactive and genius No one to one teaching
Study at the comfort of home Technological challenge
Availability of recorded sessions Limited social interaction
Available for every age-group Proper set up and equipment required

Education Products as a Business

Starting business in education domain is a tested way to join in the industry and also assures active returns on investment and if you have those magical convincing skills, it is the top industry to target. Become sales agent in education industry, its worthwhile.

Synergy Education International Pvt. Ltd. is searching sales representatives for his education products.


Provide Right Education, at the Right Time and through the Right Opportunity. Join hands with Synergy.

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