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Upcoming Name in the Gadget Galore

This 2014, for the very first time in history there are more mobile phones than population on the planet. Our growing dependability on technology have turned a phantom limb. As technology is progressing day by day, the gadgets industry is touching high tides in the market.

For most of us, our phones are a part of us. If you have a gadget you are carrying around with yourself everywhere then you should get the most out of it and it gets easy with smartphones. Youngsters are the main reason behind its robust growth. The sector is welcoming innovative products for users, and thus motivating new players to move into this market and one of the emerging name is Logical Learning Company Pvt. Ltd.

Logical learning is running with the NXI brand name. The NXI name was taken from the first 3 letters of the word Next, Generation, Intelligence which states:



Through intelligence we will conquer the unknown & bring technology next that will change the way people live.  "


The organization started its journey from Australia & expanded its operations in India, South Asia, and China. With brand NXI, they are engaged in providing flawless solutions to various industries globally. The firm believes in superiority through product innovation, quality, customer & manufacturing support.


According to the CEO of the company, Mr. Kaushik Mitra “Telecom business has been witnessing consistent growth over the last few years and is expected to grow in the upcoming years. Our organization is looking for partners who can give their hand in our business expansion plan. We are aiming to appoint at least 100 distributors across India”

Logical Learning’s Products offering for Distributorship

The products they deal in are:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops and Netbook
  • Mobile and Mobile Accessories
  • Internet Modem
  • Educational PC

Laptop Distributor

Products Specifications & Features:

  • High Battery
  • Fast processor
  • Calling function
  • Latest OS
  • IPS HD quality Screen
  • Qualcomm Processor
  • Super Speed Internet

What makes Logical Leaning superior than others?

Their exciting touch technology powered by latest Android and apps aimed at maximizing your reach in this world. Other than this, it features:

  • Best Quality Products
  • Replacement Warranty
  • Provides Marketing Support
  • Additional Channel Margin
  • High ROI on Minimum Investment


CE, FCC, UL Certified

Distribution Facts:

Name Logical Learning India Pvt Ltd
Brand NXI
Establishment Year 2010
Products Offering Smartphones, Tablets, Educational PC, Mobile Accessories, Internet Modem, Laptops and Netbook
Investment Distributors: INR 15 Lacs
Stockists: INR 30 Lacs

Projects undertaken for:



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