Why to Appoint Distributors in India?

When the clock ticks 4 a.m, one can find a crowd of hawkers near the New Delhi railway station. They make queue to purchase inventory of magazines & newspapers from odd 20-25 distributors. After that, the vendors moved to the city on motorbikes, rickshaws, bicycles, and trains.

For most entrepreneurs, it gets tough to reach every nook of the nation and this is why the trend of distribution is to be continued from the prior times.

Reasons to use distributors for more sale and wide reach:

For Administrative Savings

A manufacturer’s core business practice is products manufacturing and packaging. And distributor becomes arm of the company in order to bring more sale. With distributor, one can reach mass of the people of without any investment. Manufacturers just have to pay the decided margin to distributor.


Customer Exposure

A distributor grows and manages a network of feasible retail outlets. When you approach a distributor, you are getting your product out in order to reach the mass market which expands your customer exposure.

Market Research

So you want to know customer preferences or do a research on new product or for any kind of market knowledge you want to take, distributor is here to share the required information as he deals with retailers on everyday basis and keep taking feedback from them given by the end-users. And your purpose solved!


As distributors helps you reach market, they aid in your business expansion too. e.g. Suppose your company has plans to expand in European market, you can appoint international distributor who will search network of retail outlets in Europe and give you the much-needed information you will be needing i.e. European audience preferences and the most-demanded product in the market.

To hold even the smaller share in the market, distributors are the key to business growth. And that’s what we believe.

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